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33 years experience. Every qualification attainable in motor vehicle technology.

Having specialised in vehicle electronics and diagnostics systems for the last 12 years, we have developed our company into an industry recognised body to facilitate the shortfall for qualified people in this field. We are often consulted by dealer franchises to investigate vehicle defects, finding solutions to problems which are in many cases uneconomical to repair. We either work independently or in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, police authorities, collision investigators and insurance engineers.

Our work with the police authorities and collision investigators includes forensic vehicle examination and compilation of evidence for both criminal and civil court. We carry almost every platform of manufacturer specific equipment to enable us to carry out in depth diagnostics, electronic repairs and encoding on most of today’s modern vehicles. Our repair methods, guided fault finding and data extraction, are in some cases far more in depth than any main dealer facility.

We are the UK license holder for the “Bosch CDR Crash Data Retrieval System” and have been for the last four years, we are user qualified and certified Crash Data Analysts. We are the UK electronic/diagnostic technical support for the EUDARTS Group which is involved in 21 European countries. Our facilities are state of the art and are 360 degree CCTV monitored both internally and externally. Our services can either be provided on site or as a complete mobile service, bringing the workshop to you.

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